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If these individuals or companies wish to make a donation on their own volition and are not requested to do so through a fundraising letter writing campaign (or anything similar), they may do so online or by mail.

All donations are tax-deductible and the College of Education and Health Professions (COEHP), where the donation is deposited to, will send them all information related to taxes. Additionally, the Club Sports Administration will create a thank you letter for each donation that is signed by the club president. Administration will inform the club president when a letter is ready to be signed.

When a donation is made to a club sports team, it is deposited into their account at the University of Arkansas Foundation. If you are interested in making a donation by check, please pay to the order of University of Arkansas and write the club name in the memo line. All donations made via credit card will be assessed a 3 percent processing fee, which will be deducted from the total donation.

How to Donate

Donors who wish to make a donation via postal mail can do so by sending a check made payable to the University of Arkansas Foundation with the club name in the memo line. Additionally, donors can donate by postal mail with a credit card or electronic bank statement provided that they complete the Annual Fund Gift Form. The donation can be mailed to:

University Recreation – Men’s Rugby
155 N. Stadium Drive, HPER 225
Fayetteville, AR 72701

If a donor wishes to allocate their donation for a specific purpose, such as club travel, they can make note on the check memo line or on the gift form linked above.

Donors may also donate via the secure U of A Online Giving page. In Section 1, “My Gift,” the donor should go through the Designation section and select College of Education and Health Professions. Section 2 is “My Personal and Billing Information” and self-explanatory, as is Section 3 “Honoring Someone with Your Gift?” Under the last, Section 4, “My Comments,” donors should specify the URec sport club that they wish to donate to along with any specific instructions with how they wish the funds to be allocated.

It is important to note that if a club plans to receive any money that would be considered a sponsorship, donation or part of a Revenue Income Event (RIE), a receipt must be issued at the time that the money is collected. If a donation, sponsorship or payment for an RIE is mailed to University Recreation, then clubs are not responsible for receipts.